M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with Administrative License

Position Yourself for Leadership Roles

The Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership (EDLS) with Administrative Licensure program trains you for the demands of 21st-century education. Allowing you to earn your Ohio Principal or CIPD licensure at the completion of the program, the educational leadership courses feature the most up-to-date content and instruction from prominent leaders in the field of educational administration.

Critical Concepts

  • Learn valuable competencies to effectively lead, manage, and run schools. 
  • Acquire skills and capabilities in school climate, professional ethics, school safety, and school administration programs. 
  • Prepare to pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators Educational Leadership test. 

Administrative Licenses

This unique program allows you to earn your M.Ed. and meet the requirements for the Ohio Principal or CIPD licensure. At the completion of this degree, you are eligible to take the Ohio Assessment for Educators Educational Leadership exam.

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Program Highlights

  • Flexible scheduling options. All program and licensure models are offered in a fast-track A/B format (7 weeks), giving you more flexibility when scheduling your required classes for your educational leadership degree.
  • An updated curriculum. These new program modules are aligned to key state and national professional standards such as ELCC standards, Ohio Principal Standards, the Ohio Assessment for Educators Educational Leadership standards, and more. 

This 36-credit hour program includes one-credit hour modules which focus on the central tenets of educational leadership including:

  • Human and Fiscal Resource Management
  • Ethical, Professional, and Legal Dimensions of Educational Leadership
  • School Safety and Crisis Management
  • Organizational Behavior in Education
For more information please contact us by calling 419-289-5738 or emailing welcome@ashland.edu.

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